About Us

"live large ... travel petite"

Our Mission

*  To source fresh, sustainable ingredients from Local Small Business to craft Safe, Natural and Effective Skin Care Products free from harmful 
    chemicals and Animal Cruelty Free.
*  To produce a product that Cleanses, Soothes and Moisturizes the skin.
*  To operate a business in which our vision of healthy skin is guided by our core values and ethics.


Values and Vision

*  People – Our greatest asset
*  Integrity and Honesty – “Do unto others …”
*  Respect – ALL and our planet
*  Quality – To do better
*  Innovation – To deliver new exciting products, always dream
*  Attitude – Build each other up and stand together
*  Education – You are never to old to learn
*  Fun – To always have fun, and turn dreams into reality


We are Different … and that is what makes us Better!

*  The soap recipes that we create and use are unique from beginning to end  
*  We make and blend our products in small batches
*  Customer Service is something we proud of.  Our goal is to assist each customer with understanding and knowledge, and have easy 
    access to our contact details
*  Supporting a small business encourages individuals to start their own business, to live a better life and make their dream a reality


About Me

From dancer to outdoor adventure seeker, to project administrator to soap maker, my personal and career path has been a journey, and each step is
filled with love from people and nature.  I live by a person is never to old to learn, whether it’s attending a class or workshop, reading for 20 minutes a day
or watching a Youtube video (yes I do that =) ), to gain knowledge and understanding.  The key is to balance work, business, studies, family, friends, hobbies, social or relaxation, your partner (in my case the love of my life) and God.  

“don’t look at the years you have lost, look at the years you have left” – Terri Savelle Foy


Lynette Du Toit

Lynette Du Toit

Owner and Founder